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Farmacia y Ortopedia Luz


Located at C. Mayor, 29, in Alicante, Spain, Farmacia y Ortopedia Luz is a cornerstone of healthcare excellence, offering a diverse range of services and products to meet the varied needs of its community. As a family-owned business with over 50 years of history, Farmacia y Ortopedia Luz is currently led by its third generation of pharmacists, who are deeply committed to serving the residents of Benidorm and the surrounding region.


At Farmacia y Ortopedia Luz, customers can expect a comprehensive selection of healthcare solutions, including herbalism, homoeopathy, clinical supplies, parapharmacy items, and botulinum toxin products. The pharmacy also provides specialised services such as cholesterol and glucose monitoring and SPD (Sistema Personalizado de Dosificación) preparation for personalised medication management.


In addition to pharmaceutical services, Farmacia y Ortopedia Luz excels in orthopaedic care, offering mobility aids, prosthetics, electromedicine devices, technical support, and sports orthopaedics. The pharmacy’s commitment to holistic health extends to its optician services, orthopaedic technician consultations, and hearing aid expertise, ensuring a full spectrum of healthcare solutions under one roof.


The team at Farmacia y Ortopedia Luz comprises dedicated professionals, including opticians, orthopaedic technicians, and hearing aid specialists. These professionals expand the pharmacy’s service offerings with personalised care and expert advice and strive to provide a supportive environment where customers can find the right products and services to meet their individual health needs.


Farmacia y Ortopedia Luz is not just a place to purchase healthcare products; it is a trusted partner in health and wellness, recognised for its comprehensive approach and commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re seeking pharmaceuticals, orthopaedic supplies, specialised healthcare products, or professional advice, Farmacia y Ortopedia Luz stands ready to serve with integrity and expertise.

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