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Flanagan’s Life Pharmacy Berekly Road – Dublin 7


Flanagan’s Life Pharmacy is located on Berkeley Road in the Phibsboro area of Dublin 7. It opens six days a week, providing flexible hours for those needing to visit early in the morning or after work. The pharmacy is closed on Sundays.


You’ve reached the destination for your pharmacy near me in Dublin search. At Flanagan’s Life Pharmacy, the team focuses on offering various health services that cater to the local community’s needs. One key service is blood pressure monitoring. This service helps people monitor their heart health, which is really important for staying healthy. Additionally, the pharmacy supports people who want to stop smoking by providing smoking cessation programs. These programs are really helpful for those who are trying to quit smoking and improve their overall health.


Other services include BMI checks, which help people understand and manage their body mass index. This is good for those keeping track of their weight and health. The pharmacy also offers emergency contraception for those in urgent need, providing care quickly and privately. Flanagan’s pharmacy offers advice and support for individuals with asthma to help manage this respiratory condition effectively.


Furthermore, Flanagan’s Life Pharmacy is actively involved in protecting the community’s health with COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, as well as flu vaccinations. These vaccinations prevent illness and keep the community safe during flu season and the ongoing pandemic.


The staff at Flanagan’s Life Pharmacy are dedicated to providing personalized care. They ensure that every customer gets the best advice and treatment options specifically tailored to their needs. With its wide range of services and focus on caring for its customers, Flanagan’s Life Pharmacy is a valuable health resource for the Dublin 7 community, helping everyone maintain and improve their health with expertise and kindness.

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