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Foley’s Chemist is a popular pharmacy on Parnell Street in Dublin City Centre. It was first opened in 1909 by Michael John Foley and has served the city’s pharmaceutical needs since then. The pharmacy was created with a vision to do more than just fill prescriptions. Foley’s aimed to be a friendly place in the neighborhood where people could get medicines and trusted advice and support. So, if you are looking for a pharmacy near me in Dublin, Foley’s Chemist is the right choice.


Now, more than a century later, Foley’s Chemist maintains the same values that have been its backbone since its foundation. The pharmacy industry has evolved a lot, but this pharmacy has maintained its status in Dublin City as a family-owned and independent healthcare facility. The staff at the pharmacy is known for its professionalism and friendliness. They provide personal and consistent service, putting the health and well-being of the community first.


Foley’s Chemist offers many services beyond what you expect from a typical pharmacy. They offer vaccinations, can help monitor your blood pressure around the clock, and even let you meet with a doctor online to get prescriptions quickly. For those who like shopping from home, Foley’s has a website where you can buy products like skincare creams, vitamins, and other health items. They even offer free shipping on orders over €60 if you’re in Ireland.


Located at 136 Parnell Street, Foley’s Chemist is more than just a pharmacy; it’s a part of Dublin’s community. Whether you’re visiting in person or online, Foley’s is dedicated to helping you and your family stay healthy and happy.

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