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Foley’s Pharmacy isn’t just another place to pick up your medicine; it’s a community cornerstone that genuinely cares about every person who walks through its doors. The pharmacy goes above and beyond to ensure that it stocks diverse medical products. They believe everyone who comes in should find exactly what they need for their health. At Foley’s, it’s about more than just filling prescriptions; it’s about ensuring you leave better than you came in.


Look no further if you search for a pharmacy near me in Dublin. The team at Foley’s acts as a bridge between the doctor’s prescriptions and your well-being. They offer more than just a transaction; they provide personalised attention that makes all the difference. The staff are experts in their field and friendly faces you can rely on. They are ready to help manage your medications, explain why and how to take them, and answer any questions. This helps build a trusted relationship, making you feel comfortable asking for advice and following through on your health plan.


At Foley’s Pharmacy, the staff is the heart of their service. They’re skilled, yes, but more importantly, they’re passionate about positively impacting their customers’ lives. Their knowledge and dedication shine through, whether they’re offering advice on managing a new medication or simply sharing a reassuring word.


Foley’s is open from 9:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday, giving you ample time to drop by after work or during a busy day. They’re closed on Sundays and bank holidays, giving their team a break to recharge and return ready to help. Count on Foley’s Pharmacy as a place to get prescriptions and a reliable partner in your journey to better health.


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