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Welcome to Foody’s Pharmacy, your friendly neighborhood pharmacy located on Harcourt Street in the heart of Dublin City. Foody’s is an independent Irish pharmacy that is all about caring for people and offering great service along with top-notch products. The pharmacy is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, making it easy for anyone who’s busy during the week to stop by. It’s closed on weekends and Bank Holidays, so the staff can rest and prepare to provide the best care during the week.


When you walk into Foody’s Pharmacy, you’ll find a welcoming and professional atmosphere. One of the best things about Foody’s is the private consultation rooms. Here, you can chat one-on-one with a pharmacist in a private setting. Whether you need advice about medication, help with a flu shot, or just have some health questions, the pharmacists at Foody’s are there to help. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to offer personalized care.


Foody’s Pharmacy offers many different health services to meet its customers’ needs. You can check your blood pressure, receive flu vaccinations, have a cholesterol test, and get thorough reviews of your medications. They make sure managing your prescriptions is straightforward, which is helpful for people who need regular medications.


Foody’s is more than just a place to get medicine; it’s a part of the community. The team at Foody’s cares about their customers a lot. They take time to understand what medical help you need and what makes you comfortable and happy. This personal touch is why so many people in Dublin trust them with their health care needs.


For anyone in Dublin looking for a trustworthy and caring place to handle their health-related needs, Foody’s Pharmacy on Harcourt Street is a great choice. Whether you’re dealing with a small health issue, managing a long-term condition, or just need some advice, the team at Foody’s is ready to help. They are committed to ensuring you receive the best care possible, and their dedication to their customers makes them a standout pharmacy in Dublin.

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