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Fortfield Pharmacy has been a proud fixture in the Terenure community of Dublin for over 67 years. As an independent, family-owned business, they bring a personal touch to their service, standing out as a reliable cornerstone in the neighbourhood. Specializing in monitored drug dosage systems, Fortfield Pharmacy ensures patients with weekly drug dispensing needs receive their medications accurately and efficiently. Their commitment to health doesn’t stop there; they offer a range of services including repeat prescriptions via email or telephone and a convenient free delivery service.


It is a great choice if you are looking for a pharmacy near me in Dublin. Fortfield Pharmacy is dedicated to more than just filling prescriptions. They’re committed to providing excellent ongoing care to their patients. For those needing flu shots, whether they have a medical card or are private patients, the pharmacy is ready to help. Additionally, they simplify complex medication schedules with their multi-dose packaging service, which organizes multiple medications into clearly labelled packets by time and date, making medication management easier for their customers.


Wellness and preventative care are also key focuses at Fortfield Pharmacy. Regular health screenings are essential for maintaining good health and catching potential health issues early. The pharmacy staff encourages their community to stay proactive about their health by offering various screening services. They also provide emergency hormonal contraception, ensuring timely access for those in need, thereby preventing unplanned pregnancies due to contraceptive mishaps.


For those dealing with erectile dysfunction, Fortfield Pharmacy offers discreet consultations for Viagra Connect to ensure it’s safe and appropriate for each patient. Vaccinations and additional consultations are also available, with full confidentiality guaranteed. To make life easier for their customers, Fortfield Pharmacy has introduced the REFILL ASSISTANT mobile app. By using this app, customers can submit prescription orders anytime, get reminders, communicate with their pharmacist, and set up dosage reminders, enhancing their healthcare experience.


Fortfield Pharmacy remains deeply ingrained in the fabric of the Terenure community, evolving with the times yet always retaining the personal, caring touch that their customers value. Whether you visit during the week or on Saturday, you can expect consistent, high-quality care from a pharmacy that truly considers its customers part of the family.

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