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Welcome to Friedrichsberg-Apotheke, located at Dithmarscher Str. 9 a in Hamburg. This pharmacy is a key spot for local health care, offering a wide range of services that cater to various health needs. Whether you need help with your skin, are interested in natural remedies, or need medical equipment for a short time, Friedrichsberg-Apotheke has something to offer.


Friedrichsberg-Apotheke is particularly known for its focus on skin care. They offer high-quality products from well-known brands like Eubos, Eucerin, Free, Medipharma (which includes olive oil care), and Roche Posay. These products help with different skin issues, ensuring everyone can find a solution that works for them. Additionally, the pharmacy is big on homoeopathy, offering treatments like Biochemistry and Schüssler salts for those who prefer natural health options.


The pharmacy provides a rental service for families or anyone temporarily needing medical tools. You can borrow baby scales, blood pressure monitors, inhalers, and Medela breast pumps. This is especially helpful for those who only need these items temporarily. Regarding nutrition, Friedrichsberg-Apotheke also does important health tests, such as checking your blood sugar levels, which are crucial for keeping an eye on your diet and overall health.


In nursing care, Friedrichsberg-Apotheke steps up, offering help and supplies for incontinence and various medical bandages. They even make custom tea blends in the pharmacy to match specific health needs, adding a personal touch to their services. Understanding different backgrounds and languages, they offer assistance in multiple languages, including English, Finnish, Persian, Russian, and Turkish, ensuring that everyone can get the help they need in a language they understand.


For convenience, the pharmacy allows cashless payments, accepting EC cards to make transactions smooth and easy. They also offer routine health checks, like measuring your body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure, which are important for monitoring your health over time.


Friedrichsberg-Apotheke does more than just fill prescriptions. It provides a comprehensive range of health services covering everything from childhood to old age, including speciality areas like sexual health, surgery, eye care, and more. It is committed to improving the health and quality of life for the people in its community, making Friedrichsberg-Apotheke a go-to place for professional advice, quality care, and friendly service.

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