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Galenus Apotheke has been a trusted community pharmacy since 1888, serving everyone from locals to workers and tourists in the neighbourhood. At Galenus, individuals are treated as neighbours rather than numbers, ensuring that each person leaves well-advised and with a smile, eager to return.


The pharmacy prides itself on providing personalised service, spearheaded by Ms. Koch, who leads the commercial department relentlessly in sourcing pharmaceutical products, even those hard to find. The approach at Galenus Apotheke is holistic, with a strong emphasis on cognitive pharmacy practices. This means the staff listens to your concerns, maintains direct eye contact, and does not hesitate to answer specific queries.


In addition to conventional pharmacy services, Galenus Apotheke offers expertise in naturopathy. If staff members are unsure, they consult with Ms. Birgit Böhmig, an alternative practitioner, to ensure no question goes unanswered. The pharmacy also specialises in drug preparation, providing custom formulations for personalised pharmaceutical care.


Galenus Pharmacy extends its services to physical health products like support stockings and offers expert nutritional advice. Anke Grabow, a former pharmacist and alternative practitioner, provides nutritional counselling focused on anthroposophical medicine from her practice located within the pharmacy premises.


For international needs, the pharmacy is adept at importing medications, requiring sufficient lead time and a proper prescription. Additionally, they offer a cosmetics studio run by the self-employed aesthetician Ms Hußmann, whose appointments are managed by the pharmacy to ensure seamless service.


Galenus Apotheke also understands the importance of basic health checks; they measure blood pressure and blood sugar levels as needed. For travellers, they stock a range of products tailored to travel medicine, including vaccines and malaria prophylaxis.


Lastly, recognizing the demands of modern life, Galenus offers a courier service, facilitating the delivery of medications to homes or workplaces and even by post, facilitated by their mail-order license. This comprehensive service suite underscores Galenus Apotheke’s commitment to health care and customer satisfaction, continuing a long tradition of community service under the guidance of Pharmacist Dr. Belgardt.

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