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Goatstown Pharmacy is a friendly, local pharmacy located in the heart of Goatstown, Dublin 14. It’s a place where everyone from the community can go to get their medications and health advice. The pharmacy is proud to offer great service and low prices, and it’s easy to find with plenty of free parking right next to the Goat Bar and Grill.


For those searching for a pharmacy near me in Dublin, your search is over here. At Goatstown Pharmacy, ordering your medicine is super simple and fast thanks to their online system. You can order any time you want, and they’ll send you an email as soon as your medicine is ready to pick up. This helps everyone save time. Besides picking up prescriptions, the pharmacy also packs medicines weekly and monthly. This makes it easy for people to take the right amount of medicine at the right time, which is crucial to stay healthy.


The pharmacy also greatly cares about helping people maintain their health. They offer free blood pressure, body mass, and blood sugar checks. After checking these, the pharmacists talk to you about what the numbers mean and what you can do to keep yourself healthy. It’s like getting a quick health check-up without any cost!


Goatstown Pharmacy isn’t just a place to get medicine. They make sure that everyone who comes in gets personal attention. Whether explaining how medicine works or packing your medicines in an easy-to-use way, they do everything to make health care simple and clear. Families and care homes even offer extra services like 24/7 help from pharmacists and safe ways to handle medicines. This makes sure that everyone, from young kids to elderly people can get the best care possible.


Overall, Goatstown Pharmacy is a key part of the community, helping everyone be healthier and happier. It’s more than just a pharmacy; it’s a place that truly cares about its customers’ well-being.


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