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Haven Pharmacy Greenes is a family-owned pharmacy in the heart of Rathfarnham Village at 36 Main Street, Dublin. As part of a group of independent pharmacies across Ireland, Haven Pharmacy Greenes shares a common goal with other local pharmacies: to provide excellent, personalized care while keeping up with the latest in pharmacy practices. This setup helps them cut costs and stay flexible so they can meet the specific health needs of their community without sticking to a rigid “one size fits all” approach.


If you are looking for a pharmacy near me in Dublin,, your search ends here. In 2012, the creation of the Haven Pharmacy brand marked a big change. It was shaped by the experiences and ideas of all its members in response to changes in the market. The Haven brand operates on the principle of acting nationally while delivering care locally. This means they can support small and rural communities across Ireland, keeping them thriving. At Haven Pharmacy Greenes, you can expect a modern pharmacy experience. Nowadays, people visit pharmacies for medicine and advice on how to take care of themselves. That’s why the staff at Haven Pharmacy Greenes spends extra time educating their customers and giving them the attention they need.


The pharmacy is built on five main values: leadership, care, community, trust, and commercial excellence. Leadership is shown through their active involvement in the community and ongoing health initiatives. Their caring nature is evident in how they treat everyone respectfully and take time to understand their customers’ needs. Community is key to their identity; they regularly support local and national causes, raising significant funds for various projects. Trust is vital; they provide reliable health advice and treat customer relationships with great care. Lastly, they strive to offer the best prices, passing on savings to their customers, especially during the holiday season with special promotions.


Haven Pharmacy Greenes is more than just a place to pick up medicine. It’s a community hub where the staff knows you and your family and is ready to support your health through all stages of life. Whether it’s a common cold or something more serious, the team at Haven Pharmacy Greenes is there to provide care, advice, and support. They are like a family doctor for the community, always ready to help.

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