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Haven Pharmacy started back in 2008 when brothers John and Neil Rafferty, both pharmacists, decided to create a special kind of pharmacy group. This group, unlike many others, is made up of independent pharmacies scattered all over Ireland, each owned by different people but all working together. What’s cool about this is that even though they’re part of a bigger team, each pharmacy gets to do its own thing, which means they can really focus on what their local customers need without having to stick to a strict set of rules.


In 2012, the pharmacies came together to form the Haven brand, which was all about adapting to the changing needs of customers who now like to be more involved in their health care. The idea was simple: act like a big, united group when it’s helpful but always make sure to keep that local touch. Haven Pharmacies not only sell medicines but also give advice and help on health issues, whether it’s something small like a cold or something bigger. They really want to make sure that when someone walks out, they feel better and more informed than when they walked in.


Haven pharmacy is a great choice if you are searching for a pharmacy near me in Dublin. Haven Pharmacy is driven by five main values: leadership, care, community, trust, and offering good deals. These aren’t just fancy words. They actually live by them. The pharmacists are leaders in their communities, always ready to lend a hand or start health programs. They truly care about their customers, taking the time to really understand and help them. They’re big on community, too, raising money for local projects and helping out where they can. Trust is huge; people come to them with their health worries and get honest, thoughtful advice in return. And because they work together as a co-op, they can offer great prices on health products, which is a big help to their customers, especially around holidays.


So, if you’re looking for a place that does more than just fill prescriptions, Haven Pharmacy might be the spot. They’re like that reliable neighbour or the family doctor you trust, always there to help you out no matter if it’s just a rash or something more serious. You can find them at Unit 6 Orchard Business Centre on Orchard Avenue in Dublin, ready to assist with a smile and loads of expertise.

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