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Hickey’s Pharmacy in Terenure, Dublin, located at 85 Terenure Road North, is a dedicated community pharmacy that offers a wide array of health services and products to its customers. Open from Monday to Saturday with varying hours and closed on Sundays, this pharmacy ensures that residents of Terenure have access to healthcare necessities throughout the week.


Stop looking for a pharmacy near me in Dublin because at Hickey’s Pharmacy, health and well-being are priorities. The pharmacy provides several vital healthcare services designed to meet the needs of the community. Among these services are emergency contraception, diabetes checks, and smoking cessation programs, which aim to address urgent and chronic health concerns. Additionally, they offer blood pressure checks, flu vaccinations, and inhaler technique assistance to help manage and prevent respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.


The cholesterol testing service and compression stockings available at Hickey’s Pharmacy further demonstrate their commitment to preventive health care, helping customers maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage medical conditions effectively. Each service is carried out by knowledgeable and approachable staff, ensuring that all customers receive personalized and professional care.


Besides healthcare services, Hickey’s Pharmacy also focuses on customer convenience. They provide a ‘Free Click and Collect’ option that allows customers to pick up their orders at any of the 36 stores, making it easier to get their products quickly. For even more convenience, they offer next-day delivery on orders placed before 2 PM, and free delivery on orders over €49, ensuring that customers can have their health and wellness products delivered directly to their homes without extra charge.


In summary, Hickey’s Pharmacy in Terenure is more than just a place to fill prescriptions. It is a vital part of the community, providing essential healthcare services and convenient shopping options that help improve the health and well-being of its customers. With a focus on accessibility, preventive care, and customer service, Hickey’s Pharmacy continues to be a trusted health resource for the people of Terenure.

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