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Hölderlin Pharmacy, situated in the vibrant Kreuzberg district of Berlin, stands out not just as a place for health care but as a unique “experience space” where pharmacy meets art. This innovative concept offers a welcoming environment that encourages holistic well-being, making each visit more than just a routine errand. Owned by Ulrike Lange eK and located at Wilhelmstrasse 20, Hölderlin Pharmacy invites visitors to immerse themselves in a setting where they can feel relaxed and cared for.


The pharmacy is designed to cater to a wide range of health needs while also focusing on the aesthetic and experiential aspects of customer service. It provides a convenient option for pre-ordering medications and cosmetic items through its dedicated pharmacy app, allowing customers to manage their health with ease. Hölderlin Pharmacy prides itself on its individualised service, ensuring that every visitor receives personal attention and expert advice tailored to their specific health concerns.


In addition to its unique ambience, Hölderlin Pharmacy offers an array of specialised services and products. Their rental service includes Medela breast pumps and baby scales, supporting new parents in the crucial early stages of childcare. The pharmacy also has a strong focus on dermatological health, featuring well-known skincare brands like Nuxe, La Roche-Posay, Avéne, and Vichy. These offerings underscore their commitment to providing comprehensive care that extends beyond traditional health products.


The pharmacy’s extensive services include high blood pressure risk assessments, blood pressure measurements, in-house production of medications, preparation of prescriptions, and even customised first aid kits for cars, homes, and travel. They also conduct medication interaction checks and offer advanced medication advice. Recognising the diverse community in Kreuzberg, Hölderlin Pharmacy provides services in multiple languages including English, Turkish, and Arabic, ensuring that all customers feel welcome and understood.


Hölderlin Pharmacy, together with its partner pharmacy Karolinen-Apotheke located at Schloßstr. 5 in 13507 Berlin, aims to provide a comprehensive pharmacy experience that integrates health, beauty, and art into the daily lives of its patrons. This approach not only enriches the customer experience but also sets Hölderlin Pharmacy apart as a pioneer in the field, ready to meet the evolving needs of its community.

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