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Josephinen Apotheke, nestled in the heart of Berlin at Uhlandstrasse 79a, stands as a beacon of health and wellness under the stewardship of Alessandro Petrucci. With opening hours from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays and until 3:00 PM on Saturdays, this pharmacy ensures that its services are accessible to all, offering various health-related services and products. The team at Josephinen Apotheke is committed to providing personalised health care and advice, continuously training to stay abreast of the latest in medical and pharmaceutical advancements.


The pharmacy places a significant emphasis on patient education and preventive health measures. Among its many services, it offers precise blood pressure measurements and guidance on home monitoring devices to combat the risks associated with hypertension. Understanding the complexities of health care, Josephinen Apotheke also facilitates the importation of unavailable medications locally, adhering to the strict guidelines in Section 73, Paragraph 3 of the AMG, ensuring that patients can access necessary treatments without delay.


Specialised services such as incontinence advice and diabetes management are also pillars of Josephinen Apotheke’s patient care approach. Discreet and sensitive consultations are available for those dealing with incontinence, providing them with the necessary tools and confidence to manage their condition. Diabetes patients benefit from comprehensive support, including dietary guidance, foot care tips, and assistance managing diabetes during pregnancy, alongside a full range of diabetic supplies like measuring devices and test strips.


Additionally, Josephinen Apotheke excels in travel health and dermatological care. The pharmacy offers detailed travel vaccination advice to ensure families stay protected abroad. For those concerned with skin health, the pharmacy provides expert consultations on medical cosmetics and specialised skincare products tailored to various skin types. Moreover, for patients unable to visit in person, Josephinen Apotheke offers a free delivery service within the local area, demonstrating its commitment to convenience and customer care. Through these tailored services, Josephinen Apotheke not only meets but anticipates the health needs of its community, making it a vital part of daily life in Berlin.

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