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Koninginne Apotheek


Koninginne Apotheek is a pharmacy located at Koninginneweg 137 in Amsterdam. It offers quick and safe medication delivery. You can visit the pharmacy, email your prescription, or have your doctor send it directly to them. The pharmacy is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.


This pharmacy is especially good at helping people who need HIV medications. They work closely with doctors and clinics that specialize in HIV to ensure you get your medicine exactly when you need it. The pharmacists, Marjan Terpstra and Stefanie Huang know a lot about HIV treatments and work hard to coordinate your care.


Koninginne Apotheek offers other helpful services, too. If you’re taking medicine regularly, they can refill your prescription automatically after your doctor approves it. They also want to ensure they know everything that could affect your health and how you use your medicine. That’s why they ask you to tell them about any changes, like if you start taking new over-the-counter drugs, have allergies, experience side effects, or if there are changes in your health, like pregnancy.


If you have many different medications, the pharmacy has a smart way to help you manage them. They use a medication roll, or Baxter roll, a set of bags that have your medications sorted by the time you need to take them. Each bag is clearly labelled so you know exactly what’s inside and when to take it.


For those who need help to come to the pharmacy, Koninginne Apotheek also has a free delivery service on weekdays. This means they can bring the medications right to your door.


Overall, the team at Koninginne Apotheek, including the pharmacists and pharmacy assistants Marloes, Mascha, Melek, and Merlina, is dedicated to ensuring you get the best care possible. They are always ready to help with any questions about your medications or health.

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