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Founded in 2007 by three innovative pharmacists, Samuel, Antoine, and Alexis, Leadersanté is a powerful network of over 600 independent pharmacies across mainland France and the French Overseas Territories. These pharmacists started Leadersanté because they wanted to change the old ways of running pharmacies. They didn’t like the existing groups that were uncreative, costly, and outdated. So, they created their own group to make pharmacies better and help pharmacists work together more efficiently.


For those seeking a pharmacy near me in Paris, you’re in the right place. Leadersanté is built on strong values of respect, quick action, and teamwork, which are reflected in everything they do. This group supports each pharmacy’s unique path while keeping them independent. They help pharmacies stand out against competitors by offering support in setting up their shops, marketing, training, and even organizing special events. Leadersanté makes sure pharmacies can offer more services and improve the quality of care they give to their customers.


Their innovative approach has transformed the role of pharmacists, making sure they are recognized as healthcare experts. Whether it’s through HealthLeader, Pharma Side, or Health Craftsman, Leadersanté’s different brands help pharmacists achieve their goals, whether they want to be known for special promotions, visibility, or natural health products.


Located at 82 bis rue Thiers, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, Leadersanté keeps growing and evolving. Each pharmacy in the network is a centre of innovation and expertise. Leadersanté believes that real leadership in healthcare means being brave enough to change old ways and smart enough to share success. Looking ahead, Leadersanté is committed to helping each pharmacy grow and better serve their community.

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