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Life Pharmacy Terenure is located at 86 Terenure Road East in Dublin 6. It’s a friendly neighbourhood pharmacy that offers a wide range of health services and products. Open every day of the week, the pharmacy makes sure that everyone in the community can get help when they need it, with convenient hours even on Sundays.


Life Pharmacy is a good choice for those looking for a community pharmacy near me in Dublin. The pharmacy offers a comprehensive array of services designed to meet the diverse health needs of the community. From blood pressure monitoring and asthma care to smoking cessation programs and BMI checks, the staff is committed to helping individuals manage and improve their health. The team at Life Pharmacy Terenure is not just about dispensing medications; they are health advisors who take the time to listen and provide the best care possible to each customer.


Additionally, Life Pharmacy Terenure offers a wide range of products beyond prescriptions. Whether vitamins and supplements, skincare products, or healthcare items for newborns, they cater to all ages and health requirements. This makes it an ideal spot for new moms, busy professionals, or anyone looking to maintain or enhance their well-being. The pharmacy’s commitment to convenience is also evident in its online ordering service, allowing customers to order and pick up their products easily.


For those living in or around Dublin 6, Life Pharmacy Terenure is more than just a pharmacy; it’s a trusted resource for health and wellness. With a dedicated team ready to assist with health concerns and queries, the pharmacy ensures every visit is both helpful and informative. The motto could be “caring for you as part of the community,” highlighting their commitment to personal and public health. This makes Life Pharmacy Terenure a reliable and essential part of Terenure’s daily life.

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