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Lloyds Pharmacy is one of the most prominent pharmacies in Ireland, with over 80 branches in the country. Lloyds Pharmacy is a suitable choice if you are looking for a pharmacy near me in Dublin. It has become a key part of many Irish communities, offering families trusted health and wellness advice. Known for its friendly service and knowledgeable staff, Lloyds Pharmacy is a favourite spot for people looking for health care support.


The Lloyds Pharmacy team is dedicated to its customers’ well-being, a commitment that has earned it several accolades. They clinched the prestigious Retail Excellence award in 2020 and 2021, a testament to their exceptional service. In 2021, they secured the fifth spot in a national survey for outstanding customer service. This recognition results from their relentless efforts in staff training, adoption of new technology, and initiation of innovative health programs that significantly enhance their ability to assist people.


Lloyds Pharmacy provides various services to ensure it meets the healthcare needs of the Irish community. It provides much more than an ordinary pharmacy, from flu shots to managing medicines and checking blood pressure. They also offer private talks with their friendly pharmacists, health coaches, or skin experts. A defibrillator is available on-site in Dublin, and the pharmacists are trained to provide CPR in an emergency.


If you cannot visit the pharmacy physically, they also have an online shop to buy all kinds of health products, such as medicines, skincare items, vitamins, etc. They offer quick home delivery or free pickup at any pharmacy. They even have an online health hub where you can read up on health tips. With over 15,000 hours spent on training staff each year, the team at Lloyds Pharmacy is well-prepared to provide expert care and advice for any health issue, from managing long-term illnesses to everyday health needs.

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