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Long Mile Road Pharmacy is a family-owned pharmacy in Dublin that has been operating since August 2020. If you are looking for a pharmacy near me in Dublin, this is the right place. Here, you can not only refill your prescriptions but also meet friendly staff who welcome you into the facility with a warm smile every time you visit the pharmacy.


Open 365 days a year from 8 AM to 10 PM, Long Mile Road Pharmacy ensures it’s always available when needed. They understand that health concerns aren’t limited to business hours, so they’ve committed to being there for you all year, even on holidays. Their goal is simple: to provide excellent service in a friendly and professional manner, ensuring everyone who walks through their doors feels supported in their health and wellness journey.


Long Mile Road Pharmacy offers various services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their community. Whether managing chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes with their 24-hour monitoring systems and blood sugar tests or providing vaccinations to protect against flu and COVID-19, they cover all bases. They also focus on making life easier for those who take multiple medications with services like blister packing, which organises doses to reduce confusion and improve adherence.


Additionally, the pharmacy supports overall wellness with weight management programs and smoking cessation assistance. They understand that a healthy community comprises healthy individuals, so they do everything they can to support their customers in leading healthier lives. For added convenience, their innovative Repeat Prescription App lets customers easily manage their medications, showing all prescriptions, along with details like dosage and expiration dates, right from their smartphone.


At Long Mile Road Pharmacy, caring for you is their commitment, not just a promise. They strive to be more than just a pharmacy; they aim to be a vital part of your healthcare journey, making each visit to them safe, informative, and reassuring. Visit them today and experience healthcare that truly cares about you.

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