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Located on Loosduinse Main Street 185 in The Hague, Loosduinse Apotheek is more than just a place to pick up medicine. It’s a crucial part of the community, dedicated to helping people stay healthy and safe. Their motto, “Your health, our goal,” reflects their commitment. They are open from Monday to Saturday during convenient hours and even deliver medicines right to your doorstep if you need help to make it to the pharmacy.


Loosduinse Apotheek is known for its personal touch. Every Tuesday, they offer walk-in hours where anyone can privately talk to the pharmacist about their medications. This helps ensure that all questions are answered in a confidential and understanding manner. It’s a perfect way for patients to get the help they need directly from experts.


This pharmacy doesn’t just stop at filling prescriptions. They offer specialized services that show how much they care. For example, their unique weekly dosing system helps older adults and those with complex medication schedules manage their pills effectively, reducing the risk of mistakes. They also check cholesterol and blood pressure, which are important for keeping track of one’s health.


Additionally, Loosduinse Apotheek is available for people with chronic conditions. They teach patients how to use inhalers correctly, which is crucial for those with asthma or COPD to benefit from their medicine. For diabetes patients, the pharmacy advises choosing the right glucose meter and provides starter kits. They also understand sensitive issues like incontinence and offer discreet advice and products to help people lead more comfortable lives.


Overall, Loosduinse Apotheek does more than just dispense medications. It provides a supportive environment where everyone can receive the necessary health services. With its wide range of services and commitment to patient education, it is a key player in improving the health and wellness of The Hague’s community.

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