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Founded in 1921, Meaghers Pharmacy is a pillar of wellness and professional healthcare within its community. Located on Baggot Street, the pharmacy has served its neighborhood with unparalleled dedication for over a century. When Oonagh O’Hagan took over the store in 2001, where she once trained as a pharmacist, she committed herself to continuing the legacy of care and excellence set by the Meaghers family.


Under Oonagh’s stewardship, Meaghers Pharmacy has flourished, maintaining its founding principles while expanding its reach and services. The pharmacy’s mission is clear: to enhance its customers’ and staff’s health and well-being. By offering expert advice and high-quality healthcare solutions in a friendly and professional manner, Meaghers has become a trusted name locally and internationally. With the expansion to eight more branches and the establishment of Meaghers. ie in 2014, their services now touch lives across Ireland and 58 other countries.


Your search is over if you are looking for a pharmacy near me in Dublin. Innovation in healthcare drives Meaghers Pharmacy forward. The team provides various services, including comprehensive vaccination programs (flu, COVID-19, pneumococcal, and shingles) and specialized prescription services. This commitment to innovation ensures that the community can access the latest healthcare advancements while receiving personalized care.


Beyond healthcare, Meaghers Pharmacy is deeply engaged in community service. Their ongoing partnership with the Peter McVerry Trust, which supports efforts to combat homelessness in Ireland, exemplifies their commitment to social responsibility. This collaboration involves various fundraising and awareness campaigns, demonstrating Meaghers’ dedication to health and the well-being of the wider community. Their efforts have been recognized with several awards, such as the Deloitte Best Managed Company and the CX Award for outstanding customer experience.


As Meaghers Pharmacy continues to grow, its focus remains firm on its core values: providing expert healthcare, fostering continuous learning, and supporting the community. Each team member at Meaghers is dedicated to this vision, striving daily to improve the lives of those they serve and create a healthier, more informed community.

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