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Mercator Apotheek is a pharmacy located at Jan Evertsenstraat 122-124 in Amsterdam. It is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Mr. TM Aarts leads the pharmacy, ensuring patients get the right advice and medication for their health needs. The pharmacy works closely with doctors to ensure everyone gets the safest and most effective care.


At Mercator Apotheek, the team does more than just give out medicine. They carefully prepare each medication, check if it fits the patient’s health condition, and keep detailed records of all the medications a patient uses. These records include information about any allergies to medicines and other health conditions the patient might have. This careful tracking helps avoid problems like bad reactions to medicines or medicines that shouldn’t be taken together.


Privacy and safety are very important at Mercator Apotheek. They confirm each patient’s identity to secure all health discussions and records. The pharmacy only uses personal details like your name, birthday, and address to manage your prescriptions, and it keeps this information private.


If you have any questions about your health or medicines, you can contact Mercator Apotheek in several ways. You can call, email, or even visit the pharmacy to talk in person. They have a special private room where you can discuss your medications or any sensitive issues without worrying about your privacy.


Lastly, Mercator Apotheek is dedicated to helping their community conveniently manage their health. They offer a delivery service for medications within certain areas, which is helpful for people who might have trouble getting around or prefer to receive their medications at home. This service shows the pharmacy’s commitment to caring for and supporting its patients in the best ways possible.

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