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Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy, nestled in the heart of Milltown, Dublin 6, has become a cornerstone of health and wellness in the community since its inception in 2008. As an independently owned entity within the totalhealth Pharmacy group, this local pharmacy prides itself on delivering personalized healthcare services with a touch of family warmth. Under the leadership of Sheena Mitchell, who spearheaded a significant transformation in 2014 by embracing the totalhealth brand, the pharmacy has undergone a stylish renovation and joined a national network, amplifying its resources and capabilities to serve the community better.


This partnership has allowed Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy to expand its offerings and enhance its service quality. Customers benefit from a range of value-driven services and special offers, including a VIP Loyalty Programme that rewards them with points not just in Milltown but across all totalhealth locations. This innovative approach helps maintain a consistent and rewarding customer experience, regardless of their location. The rebranding and subsequent enhancements have positioned the pharmacy as a reliable and essential part of the local healthcare landscape, continuing to operate with the core values of a trusted, caring family business.


At Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy, the commitment to comprehensive care is evident through a variety of tailored services. From blister medication packing to blood pressure testing and diabetes advice, each service is designed to make healthcare accessible and convenient. The pharmacy staff are experts in pharmaceutical care and are trained to offer support and advice on crucial health management issues, such as diabetes risk assessments and lifestyle modifications. Furthermore, services like emergency contraception are provided with the utmost respect for privacy and sensitivity, underscoring the pharmacy’s dedication to confidential and respectful service.


Moreover, Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy addresses broader health needs with flu vaccinations, smoking cessation, and weight management programs. Each program is structured to support patients through every step of their health journey, whether combating flu season, striving to quit smoking, or managing their weight. The pharmacy’s proactive approach in offering vaccinations and personalized health checks like BMI assessments reflects its goal of fostering a healthier community. With a strong emphasis on customer care and an expansive array of health services, Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy stands out as a beacon of health support, dedicated to improving the lives of those in Milltown and beyond.

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