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Located in the heart of Ranelagh, Dublin, Miriam Leech Pharmacy has been a beloved part of the community since 1978. Situated at 43 Ranelagh, this family-run, independent pharmacy is a cornerstone of local healthcare, known for its personal touch and professional service.


At Miriam Leech Pharmacy, every customer is treated with respect, care, empathy, and trust. This approach is central to their service, making each visit feel personal and supportive. The pharmacy is a crucial part of Ranelagh Village, a place that values local, independent businesses that contribute to the village’s unique character. The pharmacy has maintained strong ties with the community through economic ups and downs, offering consistent, reliable service for over forty years.


Miriam, the owner and lead pharmacist, continues her mother’s legacy of community care. Her extensive experience in hospital and community settings ensures customers receive knowledgeable and thoughtful advice. The pharmacy’s close relationship with local doctors further strengthens its healthcare services, making it a trusted spot for medical advice and prescriptions.


The pharmacy offers a variety of specialized services to cater to different needs. Whether it’s skincare products for all ages, personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice, or stress-free travel consultations, Miriam Leech Pharmacy has you covered. They also provide a thoughtful touch with their gift-wrapping service. Any gift purchased can be beautifully wrapped for free, complete with a greeting card from a wide selection available.


Miriam Leech Pharmacy is open Monday through Saturday, with hours that accommodate most schedules, making it easy to get the help you need when you need it. Although closed on Sundays and bank holidays, the commitment to their customers is evident every other day of the week.


For anyone in Ranelagh Village, Miriam Leech Pharmacy is more than just a place to get medications. It’s a place where you’re treated like family and where the health and well-being of each customer are a priority. Next time you’re nearby, consider stopping by to experience their warm, welcoming service firsthand.

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