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Welcome to Nordsee-Apotheke, a cornerstone of healthcare located at Dehnhaide 2-4 in Hamburg. This pharmacy offers a unique blend of traditional charm and modern services, providing both in-person and online consultations to meet the diverse needs of its community. With its convenient operating hours from Monday to Saturday, Nordsee-Apotheke ensures that expert health advice is just a visit or a click away.


At Nordsee-Apotheke, accessibility and convenience are key. The pharmacy boasts a disabled-accessible entrance and is easily reachable by bus and subway, making it an ideal choice for anyone in Hamburg looking for reliable and easy-to-access health services. Additionally, the pharmacy offers services in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Persian, and Afghan, ensuring that non-German-speaking residents can comfortably access the needed services.


The pharmacy’s wide array of services caters to various health needs and conditions. From specialised medication advice for children and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers to diabetes management and long-distance travel vaccination advice, Nordsee-Apotheke covers an extensive range of health topics. They also offer practical health management tools such as blood pressure and blood sugar measurements, weight determination, and more.


One of Nordsee-Apotheke’s standout features is its comprehensive approach to health and wellness. The pharmacy offers everything from basic aids like bandages, walking aids, and inhalation devices to specialized care products for chronic wound care and incontinence. Customers can also find a variety of medicinal and herbal teas, biochemistry, according to Schüßler, and options for orthomolecular medicine.


Moreover, Nordsee-Apotheke strongly emphasises prevention and self-care, providing resources and products for smoking cessation, pain management, osteoporosis, migraine relief, and sun protection. Their service includes checking and providing blood pressure monitors, training on inhaler use, and procuring international medicines and aids necessary for health care.


With a friendly and knowledgeable staff committed to offering the best advice and services, Nordsee-Apotheke ensures that each customer receives personalized care tailored to their health needs. Whether stopping by the physical location or reaching out digitally, Nordsee-Apotheke is dedicated to helping you maintain and enhance your health and well-being.

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