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Outpatient Pharmacy 24/7


The outpatient pharmacy at OLVG, located at the West site on Jan Tooropstraat 164 in the central hall, provides 24/7 service to patients needing to pick up medications. This round-the-clock availability ensures that you can access the medications you need no matter when you visit the hospital.


Upon entering OLVG, both at the East and West locations, you’ll find the Patient Service Point situated in the central hall. This is your go-to place for all non-medical inquiries. Here, you can register and receive assistance with any questions that aren’t directly related to medical treatments.


When you receive new medication from the outpatient pharmacy, the staff will review the most important details with you. They also provide printed information so you can review everything at home. This ensures you fully understand how to take your medications correctly and know any possible side effects.


When you visit the pharmacy, it’s essential to bring your Current Medication Overview with you. This document lists all the medications you are currently taking, which is crucial because some medications cannot be mixed. If you don’t have this overview, the pharmacy staff will need to contact your pharmacy or GP to obtain it, ensuring they have your permission to do this.


The pharmacy also takes precautions to ensure your safety by asking if you have any drug allergies and may consult with your doctor if necessary. Once your medications are dispensed, the outpatient pharmacy communicates with your regular pharmacy to update your Current Medication Overview, keeping your records current and accurate. This coordinated care helps maintain your health and safety across all touchpoints of your medical care.

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