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Located at Rotterdamse Rijweg 130 in Rotterdam, Overschiese Apotheek has established itself as a trusted pillar of the Overschie community. Under the expert guidance of Pharmacist Sau Feng Cheung, the team is dedicated to offering personalized and efficient pharmacy services. They aim to be more than just a place for picking up medication; they are an integral part of the healthcare system for their patrons.


The pharmacy offers a variety of services designed to make managing health straightforward and hassle-free. Patients can easily register, request repeat prescriptions, or obtain detailed medication overviews through user-friendly processes. The staff at Overschiese Apotheek are always on hand to provide expert information and support, ensuring that every patient’s health needs are met with care and precision.


For those who prefer not to visit the pharmacy in person, Overschiese Apotheek provides convenient pickup and delivery options. Patients can either collect their medications directly from the pharmacy, where friendly staff assist them, or use the 24/7 collection safe for easier access. Additionally, for those who are unable to visit, the pharmacy’s reliable delivery service ensures medications are brought directly to patients’ homes, maintaining continuity in their treatment.


Overschiese Apotheek is known for its close collaboration with local healthcare providers. This teamwork enables them to fill prescriptions accurately and consult with doctors to effectively coordinate patient care. In urgent situations, their responsive emergency prescription service is prepared to assist promptly. Dedicated to delivering professional and thoughtful service, Overschiese Apotheek ensures that every interaction is managed with the utmost care, making them a vital healthcare resource in their community.

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