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Park Life Pharmacy, situated in Unit 2 of the Park Shopping Centre on Prussia Street, Dublin 7, offers a welcoming and well-stocked environment for all your pharmaceutical needs. With a convenient location marked by the postal code D07 CD92, the pharmacy is an integral part of the local community, providing essential health services with professionalism and care.


Open six days a week from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Park Life Pharmacy closes its doors only on Sundays, ensuring that it aligns well with the busy schedules of its customers. The pharmacy makes it easy for everyone to get in touch, whether it’s for queries or to discuss specific needs.


You’ve arrived at the right place for locating a pharmacy near me in Dublin. Park Life Pharmacy offers a range of crucial services designed to cater to various health needs. Among these services are smoking cessation programs aimed at assisting individuals who wish to quit smoking. They also provide emergency contraception, offering crucial support in urgent situations. Additionally, the pharmacy addresses men’s health through consultations and treatments for erectile dysfunction.


A key aspect of their services includes vaccinations—a timely and vital offering. Park Life Pharmacy administers the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, crucial in the ongoing efforts to combat the pandemic. They also offer flu vaccinations, preparing the community for the flu season and helping to maintain public health.


The staff at Park Life Pharmacy are committed to delivering not just medical products but also expert advice and support across their service range. This dedication ensures that each visitor receives personalized care and leaves with not only the products or treatments they came for but also a better understanding of how to manage their health. Whether you’re stopping by for a routine flu shot or need more specialized care, Park Life Pharmacy stands ready to assist with professionalism and a friendly smile.

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