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Located in Hamburg at Speersort 4, 20095, Petri Apotheke is a trusted pharmacy known for its dedicated care for customers. The team at Petri Apotheke, with their extensive knowledge and experience, focuses on providing personalized advice to everyone who visits, ensuring they receive the best possible help with their health questions. They take their time to understand each person’s needs and provide expert guidance.


At Petri Apotheke, you’ll find various medicines and health products. The pharmacy keeps up-to-date with the latest in medicine to ensure everything they offer is safe and effective. The staff members are always ready to help you choose the right product and explain how to use it properly.


Customers can also use the pharmacy’s online services to contact the staff and book appointments easily from home. Petri Apotheke offers special advice on fertility, pregnancy, and choosing the right birth control. The team is there to support you privately and help you make the best choices for your health.


Petri Apotheke is particularly careful about ensuring medication safety, especially for those who need to take several types of medicine. Pharmacists help create detailed medication plans to make treatments safer and more effective. They also guide how to take medicines at the right time, store them correctly, and pick safe over-the-counter medicines when needed.


The team speaks multiple languages, including Persian, German, Turkish, and English so that they can assist many customers. Petri Apotheke is a great choice if you are looking for a pharmacy near me in Hamburg. They proudly serve the Hamburg community, providing dependable healthcare services with a personal touch. Visitors are always welcome to experience the dedicated care that makes this pharmacy special.

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