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Welcome to Pharmacie 5, located in the vibrant 5th arrondissement of Paris. This modern pharmacy is your go-to place for all your health and wellness needs, offering a wide range of services both in person and online.


Your journey to find a pharmacy near me in Paris ends successfully here. Pharmacie 5 has an easy-to-use online platform where you can check their opening hours, send in prescriptions, book appointments with pharmacists, and keep up with the latest news and promotions. If you ever have a question or need advice about your health, you can contact their team through instant messaging. The staff, who speak Spanish and English, are always ready to help.


The team at Pharmacie 5 is well-versed in various medical areas, including medical restraint, dietetics, skin care, oncology (cancer care), aromatherapy, and medical equipment. They are dedicated to giving personalized advice and support, ensuring that each customer gets the help they need for their health issues.


Besides offering expert health advice, Pharmacie 5 provides several valuable services. They participate in recycling programs like Cyclamed and Dastri, offer health screenings, and have an Advantage Card that gives customers special benefits and savings. They also deal with selling and renting medical equipment, which is especially helpful for customers needing these tools at home.


Pharmacie 5 also makes healthcare affordable with many promotions and special annual offers. You can enjoy benefits like priority service when picking up orders, promo codes, same-day delivery, and gift wrapping.


For anyone in Paris looking for a reliable pharmacy that offers comprehensive services and cares about its customers, Pharmacie 5 is an excellent choice. Whether you need professional medical advice, help managing a health condition, or just want to grab the best deals on healthcare products, Pharmacie 5 provides a welcoming and professional environment that puts your health first. You can visit them online or the pharmacy to see how they can help you.

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