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Located at 10 – 12 Boulevard St Michel in the bustling 6th arrondissement of Paris, Pharmacie Bader is open seven days a week and designed to meet all health and wellness needs efficiently. This pharmacy spans two levels, offering an extensive selection of health products and services in three distinct areas.


You’re in the right location if a pharmacy near me in Paris is what you seek. On the ground floor, customers find a comprehensive range of products including everyday medicines, neurotherapy, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, and dietetics. Pharmacie Bader maintains a stock of over 21,000 product references, ensuring that nearly any item a customer might need is readily available. Additionally, there is a private area dedicated to sensitive services such as first aid, pharmaceutical consultations, and the fitting of external breast prostheses.


Pharmacie Bader’s offerings extend beyond traditional pharmacy items. The pharmacy provides a wide array of treatments ranging from allopathy, where it stocks many approved drugs and can quickly replenish them if they are out of stock, to alternative therapies like homoeopathy and aromatherapy. Pharmacie Bader carries quality essential oils and a full range of BOIRON homoeopathic products, meeting the needs of those seeking natural health remedies.


For those requiring physical support, the pharmacy’s orthopaedic section includes products from leading suppliers such as Thuasne and Sigvaris, offering everything from venous compression stockings to various orthoses for different parts of the body. The cosmetology section caters to beauty enthusiasts with popular skincare and beauty brands, available at competitive prices.


Pharmacie Bader is more than just a place to buy medicines. It aims to promote the pharmacist’s role in community health and wellness, offering educational resources and showcasing the vast expertise of its staff. Free services such as blood pressure monitoring and personalized dietary advice based on weight are also provided to enhance customer care.


With a commitment to making health management as accessible as possible, Pharmacie Bader invites everyone to visit and explore its services, benefit from its promotional offers, and experience the expert care provided by its dedicated team. For any questions or specific needs, the staff at Pharmacie Bader are always ready and willing to assist.

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