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Pharmacie Courcelles Demours, conveniently located at 162 Rue de Courcelles in Paris, is not just a pharmacy but a complete health service centre. Open to the public, this pharmacy prides itself on offering specialized services designed to make life easier and healthier for its customers.


Need not wander more for a pharmacy near me in Paris; your search ends here. The dedicated team at Pharmacie Courcelles Demours is focused on providing personalized care. Whether it’s medical shoes for comfort and better mobility, advice on skincare, or solutions for incontinence, the staff is equipped to offer expert guidance tailored to each individual’s needs. They also specialize in aromatherapy and have a wide range of medical equipment for sale and rental.


In addition to personalized advice, Pharmacie Courcelles Demours offers services to enhance customer convenience. These include home delivery and the ability to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, making obtaining medicines quick and hassle-free. The pharmacy provides on-site blood pressure monitoring services for those monitoring their health closely.


Moreover, the pharmacy is committed to providing value through various benefits. Customers can enjoy an Advantage Card that offers promotions and savings, priority withdrawal to skip the long waits, and even gift wrapping services. Their promise of same-day delivery ensures you receive your products and medications promptly.


Pharmacie Courcelles Demours is well-equipped to assist with various medical conditions. They ensure comprehensive care, from vaccinations and prescription refills to providing necessary medical supplies. The team’s commitment to your health extends beyond mere transactions; they strive to support the community.


For anyone looking for a reliable and caring pharmacy experience in the 75017 Paris area, Pharmacie Courcelles Demours offers both the products and the personalized service to make a genuine difference in your daily health management.

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