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Pharmacie De La Bibliothèque


Pharmacie De La Bibliothèque is not just your ordinary pharmacy; it’s a vital part of the community at 19 rue Olivier Messiaen, 75013, in the bustling heart of Paris. Open Monday through Saturday, the pharmacy is conveniently situated near the Bibliothèque Nationale de France station, making it easily accessible by bus, metro, or on foot. It is also fully wheelchair accessible, ensuring everyone can visit without hassle.


Look no further for a pharmacy near me in Paris; your quest concludes here. The Pharmacie De La Bibliothèque team is dedicated to supporting every customer’s health with a broad range of services. They help manage conditions like diabetes and provide vaccinations to keep the community healthy. They are also involved in the Cyclamed and Dastri programs, which help safely dispose of medicines and medical sharps, protecting the environment and public health.


Beyond filling prescriptions, the pharmacy offers various medical equipment for sale or rent, catering to different health needs and situations. This is part of its commitment to offering more than basic pharmacy services; it also provides expert advice tailored to individual needs in skin care, nutrition, and sports wellness.


The Pharmacie De La Bibliothèque staff is also always ready to help online. Through their website, you can check when they’re open, send in prescriptions, make appointments, and even get updates on special deals and news. They offer convenient services like same-day delivery, gift wrapping, and great yearly promotions. If you have any questions or need advice, you can easily contact them via instant messaging.


Pharmacie De La Bibliothèque goes above and beyond to ensure every visit is helpful, informative, and supportive. They are truly dedicated to the health and wellness of their community, making them much more than just a place to get medicine. They are a place you can trust for health support and expert care.

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