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Welcome to Pharmacie du Grand Pavois, a vital healthcare provider located at 360 Rue Lecourbe in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. This pharmacy is highly regarded for its extensive medical and orthopaedic equipment expertise. It serves a diverse clientele, offering sales and rentals of crucial health aids tailored to various needs, including disability and home care support.


Don’t go any further for a pharmacy near me in Paris; your search ends here. At Pharmacie du Grand Pavois, the focus is on an expansive selection of medical and orthopaedic supplies. The offerings include everything from manual and electric wheelchairs to medical beds and walkers. The pharmacy also stocks specialised items like anti-decubitus cushions, respiratory equipment, and orthopaedic shoes. The pharmacy provides various products for those requiring mobility support, such as custom-made splints made directly on-site, compression stockings, and orthopaedic boots for adults and children.31. Pharmacie des 3 Quartiers

At Pharmacie des 3 Quartiers, the focus extends beyond just dispensing medications. The pharmacy offers a wide range of healthcare services that cater to the entire family’s needs. From blood pressure measurements and diabetes management to orthopaedic support and maternity care, every aspect of health is addressed. The pharmacy also specialises in home healthcare services, providing support for those who need medical assistance in the comfort of their own homes.


The staff at Pharmacie des 3 Quartiers are highly trained professionals who regularly undergo training to stay at the forefront of healthcare practices. This ongoing education ensures that they are knowledgeable about the latest medical advancements and are equipped to offer accurate and effective advice. The pharmacy prides itself on the confidentiality and trust it builds with its customers, ensuring a private and respectful environment for discussing health concerns.


In addition to traditional pharmacy services, Pharmacie des 3 Quartiers is equipped with modern facilities such as a defibrillator for emergencies and a vital card update terminal, ensuring that all health-related administrative tasks can be handled efficiently under one roof. The pharmacy also offers teleconsultation services, allowing patients to consult with healthcare professionals via video call, a convenient option for those unable to visit in person.


Moreover, Pharmacie des 3 Quartiers is deeply integrated into the local community, participating in health awareness programs and providing educational sessions on various health topics. This proactive approach to community health exemplifies the pharmacy’s role as more than just a place to pick up prescriptions; it is a vital part of the neighbourhood’s health ecosystem.


With its wide range of services, skilled staff, and modern facilities, Pharmacie des 3 Quartiers continues to be a key player in enhancing the health and well-being of the 18th arrondissement. It proves that it is much more than just a pharmacy; it’s a health hub for the entire community.

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