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Pharmacie Homéopathique Centrale (PHC) is a well-known pharmacy in Paris specializing in alternative medicine, including homoeopathy and custom-made treatments. Since 1947, PHC has been a key place for people seeking natural health solutions. You can learn more about what they offer on their website, The website includes services for babies, pregnant women, and anyone needing vitamins, as well as help with weight loss, energy boosts, or hair care.


PHC’s website makes it easy for customers in France and other countries to get natural medicine products like homoeopathy, essential oils, herbal tinctures, trace elements, and specialized plant formulas delivered right to their doorstep. They also offer a selection of over-the-counter medicines and other pharmacy products. The PHC team comprises pharmacists and specialists always ready to help with any questions or needs.


The heart of PHC is its team of three pharmacists, Jean Luc Gaillard, Hélène Berrué-Gaillard, and Nathalie Hervé. These pharmacists are passionate about their jobs and have a rich mix of skills. They have successfully blended traditional and modern methods, focusing on creating custom remedies and homoeopathic treatments.


Over the decades, PHC has kept the traditional skills of making custom medicines and homoeopathic remedies alive, passing this knowledge from one generation of pharmacists to the next. This commitment to tradition and quality makes PHC a reliable place for those who prefer natural and personalized health care options.


For anyone looking for a trusted source for natural health care, Pharmacie Homéopathique Centrale offers a deep understanding of both traditional remedies and modern health needs, ensuring each customer gets the best care possible.

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