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Pharmacie Montparnasse Bienvenue


Welcome to Pharmacie Montparnasse Bienvenue, located at 43 Avenue du Maine in the lively 14th arrondissement of Paris. Open every day, this pharmacy is dedicated to helping everyone with their health needs in a friendly and accessible way.


Look no further for a pharmacy near me in Paris; your search ends here. The team at Pharmacie Montparnasse Bienvenue can speak Spanish, English, Arabic, Russian, Polish, and Portuguese. This means they can help many people feel comfortable and understood when visiting. The pharmacy offers various health services, from advice on skincare and stopping smoking to help with medical equipment and managing incontinence.


One of the key services provided here includes getting vaccinated for COVID-19 or tested, which you can do by making an appointment. This ensures everyone’s visit is safe and efficient.


But Pharmacie Montparnasse Bienvenue offers much more than just medications. They offer a full range of services to make life easier, like prescription delivery right to your home, renting out medical equipment, and even safely disposing of medical waste through programs like Cyclamed and Dastri. This makes it easy for people to manage their health at home.


This pharmacy’s professionals are dedicated to their customers’ health. They offer personalized advice in many areas, including natural remedies like homoeopathy and phytotherapy, animal care through veterinary health, and specialized skin care products known as dermocosmetics.


Pharmacie Montparnasse Bienvenue is more than just a place to get medicine. It’s a community spot where you can find support for all your health needs, served by a team that cares about making you feel better. Whether you need a simple check-up, some advice on how to take care of yourself, or special medical supplies, the doors are always open.

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