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Pharmacy Giannangeli By Dr. Matteo Rome

Pharmacy Giannangeli, under the guidance of Dr. Matteo, is a trusted establishment in Rome, Italy. The pharmacy prides itself on offering various medicines and pharmaceuticals for both human and animal use. Customers can rely on Pharmacy Giannangeli to provide the necessary pharmaceutical treatments, ensuring their health and well-being.


In addition to medicines, the pharmacy also offers a comprehensive selection of pharmaceutical products. These include health and wellness items, skincare products, and dietary supplements, catering to the diverse needs of customers and supporting their overall well-being.


One of the notable features of Pharmacy Giannangeli Rome is its expertise in galenic preparations. Under the guidance of Dr. Matteo, the pharmacy can customize medications according to specific patient needs. These galenic preparations are meticulously formulated to provide precise dosages and tailored solutions, ensuring personalized healthcare for each individual.


Pharmacy Giannangeli in Rome understands the importance of dermatological care and provides various dermatological products. These include creams, ointments, and treatments that effectively address various skin conditions, promoting healthy and radiant skin.


Not only dedicated to human health, Pharmacy Giannangeli also caters to the well-being of animals. The pharmacy offers products specifically designed for veterinary use, ensuring the health and happiness of beloved pets and animals.


Located at Piazza Benedetto Cairoli 5a in Rome, Pharmacy Giannangeli is a trusted destination for individuals seeking reliable medicines, pharmaceuticals, galenic preparations, and dermatological products. Dr. Matteo and the dedicated team at Pharmacy Giannangeli are committed to providing excellent service and personalized care and contributing to the health of their community.

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