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Reddy’s Pharmacy has been a trusted part of the Glasnevin community in Ireland since 1934. Located near the National Botanic Gardens, this family-owned pharmacy has been helping locals stay healthy for decades. The Moynihan family has run Reddy’s since 1973, with Ann Moynihan taking over from her husband Michael in 2010. Today, Ann, her daughter Anna, and son-in-law Tom work together to keep the pharmacy going strong. The pharmacy is conveniently located at 167 St Mobhi Road, Glasnevin, Dublin.


At Reddy’s Pharmacy, the main goal is to take care of each patient that comes in. They make sure everyone feels welcomed and taken care of. This pharmacy is also proud of its Irish roots and supports other Irish businesses. They sell products made in Ireland, like Elave skincare, Aya vitamins, and Herb Dublin candles, showing their commitment to quality and local products.


Look no further if you are searching for a pharmacy near me in Dublin. Reddy’s Pharmacy offers a lot of helpful services. You can easily refill your prescriptions online with just a few clicks, and they provide many types of vaccinations that you can book appointments for online as well. Their services don’t stop there; they also offer blood pressure checks, medication reviews, and even deliver medications to local homes and nursing homes.


For anyone in Glasnevin, Reddy’s is more than just a pharmacy. It’s a part of the community that has been there for generations, offering friendly advice, quality products, and essential health services. They’re open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, ready to help with whatever you need in a friendly and professional way. Whether you need a new prescription, a flu shot, or just some local skincare products, Reddy’s Pharmacy is the place to go.

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