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Rockfield Pharmacy is located in Dundrum at Unit 2 Rockfield Central, right near the Balally Luas Stop. It’s a place where people in the community go to get help with their health needs. The pharmacy is open Monday through Saturday, giving plenty of time for everyone to visit, but it’s closed on Sundays. They promise to always be there when you need them and even offer free shipping on orders over €40 to make things easier for their customers.


Your search for a pharmacy near me in Dublin ends here. At Rockfield Pharmacy, helping patients is what they do best. They provide many services like giving vaccinations and private talks with pharmacists where everything stays confidential. If you need a special vaccine or service that isn’t listed, they encourage you to call them. They’re all about making sure you get what you need.


They also have a cool app that lets you manage your medicine right from your phone. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android, you can download their app, enter a special code “2967340”, and connect directly to Rockfield Pharmacy. The app shows all your prescriptions, how much you need to take, and when you need more, making it super easy to keep track of your medicine.


Rockfield Pharmacy also offers a special packing for your medicines called blister packing. This is really helpful for people who take several medicines at different times of the day. Each pack is clearly marked with times so there’s no confusion. This service is great for anyone who finds it hard to keep their meds straight, like those just out of the hospital or someone caring for another person. It’s all about making sure everyone takes their medicine safely and on time.


Overall, Rockfield Pharmacy is more than just a place to get your prescriptions filled. It’s a key part of the Dundrum community that focuses on making healthcare easy and personalized. They blend traditional care with new technology, showing their dedication to making sure everyone gets the best health care in a simple and friendly way.

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