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Saint Anna Pharmacy 1828 Munich

Saint Anna Pharmacy 1828 in Munich is a trusted and established pharmacy that is dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized pharmaceutical care to its customers. The pharmacy prides itself on offering personalized advice and assistance in German, English, and Russian.


Saint Anna Pharmacy 1828 Munich offers a wide range of services, including tests, measurements, and analysis of blood pressure, orthomolecular medicine, and aromatherapy. The pharmacy also specializes in homeopathic medicine and offers advice and information on a variety of topics, including drug issues and nursing care.


In addition to pharmaceutical products, the pharmacy also offers an extensive range of care and cosmetic products, including Allgäu mountain pine, Nuxe, and Allpresan. Customers can also take advantage of the pharmacy’s free courier service for their convenience.


Saint Anna Pharmacy also provides specialized services such as the preparation of individual recipes, delivery service, and the rental of medical equipment such as baby scales, blood pressure monitors, and electric breast pumps. Additionally, the pharmacy offers an app that allows customers to reserve medication with their cell phones, find emergency pharmacies, and check interactions.


With a long history of expertise and a focus on personalized care, Saint Anna Pharmacy is an excellent choice for anyone seeking reliable and specialized pharmaceutical care in Munich. The pharmacy’s commitment to ongoing employee training ensures that customers receive the best possible advice and care.

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