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Schiebroekse Service Apotheek


Located at Kleiweg 173 in Rotterdam, Schiebroekse Service Apotheek is a community-focused pharmacy that makes getting your medications easy and convenient. They combine old-school, friendly pharmacy care with new technology, ensuring everyone gets the best of both worlds.


Searching for a pharmacy near me in Rotterdam? Look no further; your search ends here. The team at Schiebroekse Service Apotheek is all about giving expert advice tailored just for you. They know that understanding your health and medications can be a bit tricky, so they take the time to explain everything clearly. They want to make sure you know how and when to take your medications so you can stay healthy.


One of the good things about this pharmacy is its Service Pharmacy App. This app lets you handle your prescriptions right from your phone. You can ask for a refill with just a few taps, and you can even pick up your medications any time, day or night, with their 24/7 pickup service. This means you can get your medicine whenever convenient, without waiting for the pharmacy to open.


Schiebroekse Service Apotheek is open from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. It’s closed on weekends, but its online services are always available, so you can check information or contact them anytime you need to, right from your phone or computer.


Overall, Schiebroekse Service Apotheek is more than just a place to get your medicine; it’s a helpful part of your healthcare team. They work hard to ensure you have what you need to care for your health, whether in person or online.

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