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Service Apotheek Beethoven


Service Apotheek Beethoven, located in the centre of Rotterdam at Van Beethovensingel, is more than just an ordinary pharmacy. It’s a special place that provides medicines and health care every hour of the day, ensuring everyone can get what they need when needed. This pharmacy mixes old-fashioned care with new technology, ensuring every visitor gets personalized help quickly and efficiently.


No more searching for a pharmacy near me in Rotterdam; your search ends here. One of the coolest things about Service Apotheek Beethoven is its 24/7 Takeaway Safe system. This means you can pick up your medicine any time, day or night! It’s perfect when you’re too busy to visit during regular hours or need your medicine after the pharmacy has closed. This service shows how much the pharmacy cares about making things easy and convenient for everyone.


The pharmacy also cares about the environment. It delivers medicines by cargo bike, which helps keep the air clean because bikes don’t use gas as cars do. Plus, it has an app that lets you order more medicine right from your phone, making things super simple. Service Apotheek Beethoven is always thinking of ways to improve and simplify its service for its customers.


Service Apotheek Beethoven is open Monday through Friday and has a team ready to help online at all times, even when the physical store is closed. If there’s an emergency when the pharmacy is closed, another pharmacy nearby can help. Service Apotheek Beethoven works hard to be a helpful and caring part of the community, always there when you need them.

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