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Service Apotheek van Wou


Service Apotheek van Wou is a pharmacy located at Van Woustraat 246 in Amsterdam. It’s not just a place to get medicine; it’s a full-service pharmacy that combines face-to-face help with online convenience. They are open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, but they close on the weekends to give their staff a break. This schedule helps customers find a good time to visit the pharmacy during the workweek.


What makes Service Apotheek van Wou stand out is its 24/7 online service. Customers can log into their website anytime to buy medications, check their medication history, order more regular medications, or ask the pharmacist questions. This is very helpful for busy people who need help to easily leave their homes because everything they need is just a click away on their computer or phone.


If someone takes many different medications, especially those younger than 65, the pharmacy offers personal advice to ensure everything is working well together. Older customers over 65 can get a special service called a “medication review.” This means the pharmacist and the customer’s doctor work together to check if the current medications are still the best choice for the customer’s health.


Service Apotheek van Wou also has a great delivery service. They can bring medications and other products like lotions or vitamins right to your home if you have trouble walking or can’t get to the pharmacy. You have to call them to order your needs, and they’ll handle the rest. This makes it super convenient for anyone who needs help to visit the pharmacy in person.

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