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Shannon Pharmacy Rathfarnham – Dublin 14


Shannon Pharmacy Rathfarnham, situated in the lively Rosemount Shopping Centre on Marian Road in Dublin 14, has been a trusted place for community health care since it opened in 1967. Started by Michael and Aoibheann Shannon and later taken over by their son Criofan and his wife Elaine in 1995, this family-run pharmacy is known for its friendly service and dedication to helping people stay healthy.


This pharmacy has always been at the forefront of using new technology to better serve its customers. It was Ireland’s first pharmacy to use a robotic system to help fill prescriptions, which it updated in 2018 to a newer, quieter, and more efficient machine. This high-tech system helps the pharmacy ensure everyone gets their medicine quickly and accurately.


Your journey to find a pharmacy near me in Dublin finishes here. You’ll meet pharmacists Jenny, Paul, Fionn, and Criofan at Shannon Pharmacy. Most days, at least two of them are there to answer any health questions and advise on how to use medicines safely. They are friendly and knowledgeable, making them a go-to resource for health information in the community. A great team supports these pharmacists, including Ashley, Aimee, Bobby, Jane, Jackie, May, and Theresa, who have been with the pharmacy for many years, adding a personal touch to their service.


Shannon Pharmacy offers a variety of services to help people manage their health. These services include checking blood pressure, helping people stop smoking, measuring BMI, and providing emergency contraception. They also give vaccinations for the flu and COVID-19 and have a special service that monitors blood pressure over 24 hours. All these services show how the pharmacy does more than just fill prescriptions—they play a big part in keeping the community healthy.


With its commitment to healthcare excellence and a wide range of services, Shannon Pharmacy Rathfarnham is more than just a pharmacy. It’s a key part of the local area, known for its high-quality service and its staff’s friendly, helpful nature. Whether it’s health advice, vaccinations, or beauty products, the community knows they can rely on Shannon Pharmacy for all their needs.

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