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Strampelli Sas Pharmacy Of Dr. Nicola Rome

Strampelli Sas PharmacyRome, under the guidance of Dr. Nicola, offers a wide range of services to cater to various health and wellness needs. The pharmacy is dedicated to providing exceptional care and assistance to its customers, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction.


For individuals suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, Strampelli Sas Pharmacy provides a selection of foods specifically suitable for their dietary requirements. The pharmacy also offers hair analysis services, allowing customers to assess and address various hair conditions such as split ends, brittle hair, and breakage.


The pharmacy specializes in skin analysis, providing expert advice and recommending suitable cosmetic or cosmeceutical treatments for minor skin issues. Strampelli Sas Pharmacy goes beyond traditional pharmacy services by offering house assistance through the Primary Home Assistance Consortium, bringing convenience and support directly to the customer’s doorstep.


Customers can benefit from blood self-analysis, body mass index measurement, and the convenience of booking hospital visits through the CUP (Single Booking Center) services available at the pharmacy. Nutritional consulting and personalized diet plans are provided by expert nutritionists, ensuring customers receive tailored guidance for their specific dietary needs.


With advanced equipment, Strampelli Sas Pharmacy offers EKG Holter and pressure Holter services to monitor heart activity and blood pressure over a designated period. The pharmacy’s Galenic Laboratory prepares phytotherapeutic formulations recommended by attending physicians.


Strampelli Sas Pharmacy Rome also caters to the well-being of animals, providing a range of products for the care and health of beloved pets.


The commitment of Strampelli Sas Pharmacy Rome, led by Dr. Nicola, is to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions and support, making it a trusted resource for the community’s health and wellness needs.

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