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Zuidas Apotheek, located at Gustav Mahlerlaan 635B in Amsterdam, is a busy pharmacy known for its quick and professional service. They focus on ensuring you get your medications safely and quickly, whether a resident or an expat. The pharmacy is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and is closed on weekends. For urgent needs outside these hours, they direct patients to a service pharmacy for emergencies.


At Zuidas Apotheek, you can do more than just pick up prescriptions. They offer a variety of helpful services. You can ask for repeat prescriptions, get advice about your medications, and even have your medications delivered to your home for free if you live within a 3-kilometre radius and order before 5:00 PM. They also have a special service called a medication roll, which organises your daily medications to make them easier to take.


Besides regular pharmacy services, Zuidas Apotheek works closely with other local health services to care for your overall health. They team up with the nearby GP practice called Huisartsenpraktijk Zuidas, which is welcoming to both locals and expats. They also work with the Holland Health Clinic to help people understand how their lifestyle affects their health and what changes they might need to make to live healthier.


Additionally, the pharmacy has a blood collection point where you can quickly get blood tests done if your doctor asks for them. This is convenient because it saves you a trip to another location. They also have a dermatologist, Dr Elian Brenninkmeijer, who specialises in skin care and treatments like Botox and fillers.


Overall, Zuidas Apotheek does a lot more than just fill prescriptions. They aim to be a full health resource for the community, helping with everything from everyday medication needs to overall wellness and specialised medical treatments.

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